David Beebe, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Content Decoded has been interviewed for his branded content work in major media and marketing publications around the world. He is regularly called upon by reporters to share his perspective on the changing media landscape, content and influencer marketing, real time marketing, branded content, and brands as publishers.


I’ve been in your shoes. You haven’t bought that conference ticket, and you’re second guessing yourself over and over as the event draws nearer. Suddenly, the big day arrives, and the social media messages start piling up. Everyone seems so engaged, they’re learning a ton, rubbing elbows with the best of the business—and you’re not

House Of Cards producer Dana Brunetti and digital media executive David Beebe, the former architect behind Marriott’s Content Studio, have been named keynote speakers for this year’s Buffer Festival — a YouTube film festival and industry convention to be held in Toronto this fall. Brunetti, the Oscar and Emmy-nominated producer behind The Social Network, Captain Phillips, and Fifty Shades Of Grey, will join Canadian TV personality Amber Mac for a fireside chat about a short

Quick. When you think about real-time communications, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s the infamous Oreo You Can Still Dunk in the Dark tweet, you’re living in the past. That campaign happened more than four-years-ago – ancient history in the world of real-time marketing. Leave your traditional mindset behind According to content marketing guru David Meerman

Dive Brief: Time Inc. surveyed over 17,000 Gen Z, millennials and Gen X who identify as auto buffs, fashionistas, foodies and finance gurus and found two-thirds trust custom content more than traditional advertising, 90% like custom content for brand engagement and 89% believe custom content is a great way for brands to break through the

Brand storytelling is no longer just a content marketing buzzword, especially as consumers demand more compelling narratives, authenticity and entertainment value in their marketing and block out old, interruptive forms of messaging. As marketers seek to adjust strategy, many are taking the logical next step of tapping professionals and artists who have excelled in the space

MIPTV’s  “Superpanel: Turning Brands into Content Studios” panels both take on the question of brand (and oftentimes agency) involvement in content, from how agencies can work as executive producers with broadcasters and production companies, to how brands approach content creation (and ultimately distribution). It was moderated by Campaign’s global brand director Adrian Barrick, and included PepsiCo Creators League Studio‘s GM, Louis Arbetter; Wargaming project manager Valeriya Tsygankova; and Marriott International‘s VP of

Keynote speaker David Beebe, who spent three years creating a media company within a brand at Marriott, told the crowd at BCON that marketing can go from being a cost to a revenue generator. Should it really be that surprising that a hotel company now considers itself to also be a media company? Not so,

What’s that adage? “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day; but teach a man to fish, and he’ll never go hungry.” Widely applied to the value of long-term investments, today we’ll learn why this biblical entreaty also applies to content marketing. Rather than feed your bottom line with a few entertaining pieces