The Content Decoded team is a big believer in Simon Sinek's "Start with the Why" book, presentation and theory. It's embedded in everything we do here and we use it to guide our collaborations with brands, media and tech companies, and the creative community to create what's next in media and marketing. Here is ours. What is yours?


We believe that marketing as interruption is over and that if brands want to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers, they must stop interrupting what they're interested in and start becoming what they're interested in. In a world where everyone is a content creator, content is no longer king -- the consumer is. If they don't want their entertainment interrupted with traditional advertising then the advertising must become the entertainment.


We stand front and center at the global intersection of Hollywood Storytelling and Brand Marketing, where we use our our own 3C model (content, community commerce) to guide how we identify, decode, and navigate opportunities to create what's next in story-driven media and marketing that is consumer centric, creates raving brand fans, and wins the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers across all screens.


We focus on transforming brands to think consumer first, act like a media company, develop original IP, change marketing from a cost-center to a revenue center, build owned content ecosystems, content studios, real time brand command centers, brand publications, and creatively and strategically develop, produce, and distribute premium story-driven branded content including brand films, documentaries, tv shows, webisodes and live programming.


Content Decoded, founded by David Beebe, who AdWeek called “A Branded Content Master Who Makes it OK to Love Marketing," and named by Ad Age as a “forward thinker, risk-taker, and rainmaker in marketing," knows how to navigate the intersection of Hollywood Storytelling and Brand Marketing to create what's next in media and marketing.

In multiple industry firsts, Beebe founded and led the Disney/ABC Digital Content Studio, producing derivative branded content for Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Scrubs. Beebe was honored by the Emmy for outstanding creative achievement in interactive media for producing the 83rd Oscars Digital Experience and led the launch of the first ever full episode player on, which was also recognized with an Emmy.

Crossing over the isle to the brand side, Beebe became the first ever VP, Global Creative + Content Marketing at Marriott International, where he founded and led the Marriott Content Studio, producing premium story-driven brand films, tv shows, documentaries, magazines, books, and other branded content for Marriott's portfolio of 30 brands, including brand publishing platform Marriott Traveler and created M Live — Marriott’s groundbreaking first ever global social media brand command centers around the world, which were honored with a Cannes Lions Award for the use of data in storytelling.. Beebe also produced programming for Yahoo Originals, DIRECTV, Showtime, and PBS.

Brands, media companies, and creatives who partner with Content Decoded get access to the same creative and strategic insights, real world industry experience, and market intelligence that Beebe uses to transform brands to think consumer first, think like a media company, and transform marketing from a cost-center to a revenue center.